Dasha Tryon Wallace

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Dasha Wallace

Dasha Tryon Wallace is a happily married mother of a toddler, who is well on his way to becoming prince charming.

As an avid reader, librarians had a hard time keeping Dasha well-stocked with new material. Her friends at school kept wondering why she was reading more than one book at a time and how she could tell where she was at in each book.

With so many interests she has a capability of being able to engage in conversation with everyone, much to the merriment of her untalkative husband. Dasha also has a black belt in Tae Kwan Do and has the capability of kicking his butt, so her husband doesn’t protest too loudly.

Though this is the first book she has written. She has been and is constantly writing short stories and poems and also has a horde of story ideas just waiting to be written.

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