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Fan Society

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Make your choice. Those words rang in Ella’s head as they echoed her soul. Every ring hitting her with a force. Ring. Save her friends that were like a family to her. Ring. Find her missing mother that she had longed to find for years. Ring. Stop a plot that would endanger Adrian who she cares for and had sworn to protect. Ring. Ring. Ring. Make. Your. Choice.


Arabella life changed when her mother went missing during a visit to a friend. Her life goes from bad to worse as her father remarried then dies soon after, causing her to be a servant in her own home. All of that changes when she is sent to the Academy. Odd things keep happening and she learns that not all is as it seems. The school trains young ladies into being spies to protect the royal throne. Her first mission, marry the prince. But Ella has another mission one to find her mother, against orders. Now balancing the tightrope of duty and family the rope will soon snap beneath her weight. Soon she will have to


First draft is 100% complete and is currently in the proofreading phase

plans for its publication in October 2022

Genre and subgenre:YA fiction, Historical Fiction, Spy novel, Romance

The Fan Society: The Academy Days

Book Synopsis

Ella had just found out that her mother was apart of a secret society of ladies who were organized to protect the throne. Now Ella is going to join thier ranks, but first she must be trained.

There will be 4 novellas in this book

Novella 1 (100% written)

Novella 2 (30% written)

Genre and Subgenere: Historical Fiction, Spy novel, YA fiction, school days

The Fan Society vs the Society of Shadows

Book Synopsis

Ella has now married Adrian, the love of her life, he mother has been freed from her life as a slave, and Ella was now a full member of the Society, things should be happy. But the happy life she had dreamed of is not what she had received. Now that they are undercover as a Duke, Adrian has been rather mopy and won't tell her the reason. Her mother has been criticizing all of her missions that she has been doing, and Fox keeps interfering with all of her missions. And in the mess of her life, the Society of Secrets is planning something big.

Plans for book 2 of the Fan Society is in the works. This will be written after the Academy days has been written first draft.

Genre and subgenre:YA fiction, Historical Fiction, Spy novel, Romance

Forest Talker

Book Synopisis

A war has been raging between the Forest and the metalic race, Valdreeks. Eli, a young man who has felt like a freak for his whole life because of his green eyes on a planet of blue-eye people, is now being chosen to finaly put a stop to the war.

Current writing project

Genre and Subgenre: Sci-fi, Adventure